Sports Medicine

If you are in pain, injured or performing below standard – our team can help you!

Our dedicated team are experts in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions which may be hindering your performance.

Whether you are a Sunday morning golfer or an elite athlete we can guide you through the whole rehabilitation process with dedication, determination and skill to get you performing back at your very best.

Physio 1 to 1 offers:

  • Sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Movement analysis and optimising motor performance
  • Sports massage
  • Pilates programmes specific to a variety of sports to help enhance your sporting performance
  • Pre-season screening – remember that prevention is better than cure. We encourage regular screening for physiological weakness that may lead to injury
  • Direct referral for MRI imaging
  • Referral to Orthopaedic Consultants
  • Links to local fitness instructors
  • Physiotherapy cover for training and competition – available by request