Musculoskeletal Service

We are experts in optimising musculoskeletal health:

Our Musculoskeletal Service is lead by a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist who holds an MACP qualification. The title MACP indicates that extensive postgraduate study has been undertaken further to the standard undergraduate physiotherapy training. The title MACP is a recognised standard of excellence in neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy.

We diagnose problems in the nerves, joints and soft tissues of the body such as:

Headaches / neck pain / back pain / muscle pain / joint pain or stiffness / ligament injury / tendon injury / whiplash injuries / sports injuries / occupational health injuries / RSI - Repetitive Strain Injuries.

We aim to find the underlying cause of a problem to help prevent recurrence. We also offer preventative healthcare by giving advice on manual handling, posture awareness, occupational and workplace assessments.

Treatments may include:

Soft tissue and joint mobilisation / joint manipulation / soft tissue massage / stretches / electrotherapy / tailored exercise programme / clinical Pilates / core stability training / education and advice.

We favour a 'hands on' approach to treatment but aim to give you the skills needed to manage your condition and prevent recurrence. Exercise training and advice is a core part of our service and we often use Clinical Pilates to retrain core stability muscles and teach you exercises to continue with at home. We also use biofeedback machines that are used while you exercise to help you learn to work the correct muscle groups to achieve optimal performance.

Onward referrals for MRI / X-ray / Diagnostic Ultrasound:

As clinical specialists in neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy we are able to offer a direct referral for MRI / X-ray / diagnostic ultrasound if indicated. The majority of the time we can undertake diagnosis through an in depth assessment and clinical reasoning process. On the rare occasions that such diagnostic imaging is indicated we can arrange a direct and fast referral at a preferential rate to a radiologist at a local private hospital.

With our clients permission we will send detailed reports to their GP, Consultant or other healthcare professional involved in their rehabilitation.