I’ve known Rob for several years now, both as a physio and also as a keen fellow mountain bike rider. His passion for physiotherapy and biking has meant, not only has he fixed my back, but also my bike! We have recently set up a small team of mountain bike riders to raise valuable funds for the British Heart Foundation, by riding from London to Paris off-road, over 3 days this June. It will hurt, but thankfully we will have Godalming’s leading physio with us all the way.

Jonathon Bentley

I first arrived at Physio 1 to 1's door in 2008, battered and broken after just a 10km race. Rob diagnosed an Iliotibial band problem but, instead of just treating the symptoms directly, he took me for a run and examined my posture and gait. He quickly worked out that a lifetime of neglect of my core muscles was responsible not only for the ITB problems but for nagging neck and back problems I'd thought of as completely separate to my running. Core exercises, stretches and a modification to my posture have transformed my running as well as having effects on my road cycling and mountain biking and improving my general well being. I'm now training for my fifth Paris Marathon and the Blenheim Triathlon and I'm indebted to Rob for making my running fun again.

Ian Exton

Physio 1 to 1 really enhanced what was already a good physio service at Guildford Rugby. Bringing professionalism with a smile they were always extremely friendly, reliable and well-organised. Over the last 2 years they have supported me from ‘general maintenance’ to full rehabilitation from severe injuries, and are probably the reason I can still play rugby – I cannot speak highly enough of Rob and the team there. I have now left Guildford Rugby due to moving out of the area but I can say with confidence that Physio1to1 set the bar high for my next club.

Sunny Ratnam

I used to have regular back ache or worse every two to three years and have to see a chiropractor to get it clicked back. Since doing Pilates at Physio 1 to 1 my back problems have gone away and I feel an inch taller every time I go. I'm recommending it all the time as even one hour a week makes all the difference. They're a great team and really know their stuff!

Simon Burvill

I received some excellent treatment from the physios at Physio 1 to 1 following a nasty muscle spasm in my back. I was recommended to consider Pilates to help keep my body more supple. Like many of us today, I lead a sedentary life, sitting in front of the computer, on various types of transport or in meetings for most of my working days. Pilates has had a massive impact on the health of my body helping to reduce the tension in my neck, shoulders and back as well as dramatically improving my posture. It has changed my life. The Pilates sessions are great fun too and that makes the necessity to go even easier!

Sarah McOnie